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The perfect baby shower gift!!!

  Postpartum Doula: Parent and Baby Care at Home 

 "The fourth trimester aims at the physical and mental recovery of the birth partner and the integration of the new baby in the family."

Bringing home a newborn, especially when you are a first-time parent, is a life-changing, exciting, and sometimes scary time in your life. There is so much to learn and discover, about your baby, but also about your role as a father and mother.


 I support and take care of your family in your home for few hours a day, during the first weeks. 

Help and guidance concerning (but not limited to): 


  • postpartum recovery & healing

  • postpartum nutrition

  • recognizing infants cues

  • feeding (breast or bottle)

  • baby care 

  • comforting techniques

  • safe sleep and healthy sleep habits

  • when to worry

  • the coming months

  • baby massage & reflexology

  • baby carrying and wearing


While newborn care and breastfeeding support have priority I will also make sure that you rest and eat nutritious meals. And yes, I indeed will help with laundry and other household chores so you do not have to worry about this for a while! As your doula, I often try to operate in the background to respect your rest and privacy.  


My goal is that when I leave your home, you feel confident in your role as a parent.

Feeling confident already? Then I will make sure you feel pampered and enjoy every bit of your postpartum time!

 I will not give medical advice nor steer you towards a certain parenting style. If desired can give you evidence-based information about newborns and policies, so you are able to make informed decisions. I try to find the delicate balance between bringing the knowledge but not bombarding you with unwanted advice. 

postpartum support

You decide the kind of support you like, and we customize your care together. 


What does a postpartum support schedule look like?

I would recommend postpartum support for the first few weeks home with baby, with a minimum of 5 consecutive days following birth.


A postpartum day is 4 hours, either morning or afternoon.

If our schedule allows we can also provide :

Sunrise shifts: 6 am - 10 am or  Late Night shifts: 7 pm - 11 pm.

Many people hire us any number of days during the first half-year of baby's life.

Are you just desperate for a good night's sleep?

Overnight support might be what you need!

We will spend the night and will feed your baby during these hours if you like, or bring baby to you to nurse


Daytime support:  $180 per day (4 hours)

Nighttime support: $260  (8 hours)

Marjon Murphy Postpartum Doula

Gift card

Every new mother's favorite gift: a postpartum doula!

Imagine having a stress-free first month with your newborn baby, while you gradually grow into your new role as mommy. 

Yes, diaper cakes and baby registries are fun, but why not ask your family and friends for a postpartum doula?!

Do you have a child, friend, or colleague in Central Oregon and you would love to send an amazing gift? Consider sending them a postpartum doula, who takes care of them and teaches them all they need to know. 

Please contact Baby Wellness Bend and we make it happen!

Professional & Warm

I hired Marjon to help me with my second child—it’s the kind of smart decision I wish I had made after the birth of my first! She is a confident child caregiver and helped refresh my memory to successfully get back into breastfeeding. She knows how to strike that right balance of professionalism and warmth—I felt so comfortable having her come for overnights or leaving her to take care of my toddler and newborn as my husband and I went out for an adults-only break. The extra help with cleaning, laundry, and a meal were also much appreciated. She is a fantastic cook, by the way!

Personally I think my body was able to heal faster with my second birth and I felt much less stressed overall due in part to her assistance.

To all parents, if it’s your first time or your second or more, I strongly recommend Marjon for that extra support. Her services are one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Liz K & Margot - Bend 2020

Deep-Rooted Confidence

I am a Family Care Physician and hired Marjon to help with an under-prepared family member expecting her first baby. I could not recommend her services more! She provided a skilled and experienced insight. For example, when she suspected the baby had become Jaundice she ensured critical medical care was received the same day,

Marjon educated the parents on all of the new baby basics, shopped for supplies, and cultivated a gracious and safe learning environment for the parents. Mom is still breastfeeding months later and I believe this is due to the support and education offered. Marjon is both professional and kind and I believe that the support from a postpartum Doula allows new parents who may become overwhelmed in caring for a newborn the opportunity to bond with their baby and establish a deep-rooted confidence in themselves as parents.


Thriving vs. Surviving

The birth and first week of our daughter Luus was pleasant and easy. I was happy with Marjon's care. Luus was my second baby and I very much missed this support with my first child. Marjon is a professional woman with lots of knowledge about breastfeeding and baby care. She has a pleasant and clear way of way of communicating and carrying herself, that matched our family dynamics wonderfully. She shares her expertise in a way that is understandable and clear. I especially valued her great tips about baby language and baby massage during the second week.  My husband and I still talk often about the tips Marjon left us with.


Because of Marjon, we could enjoy our daughter, rather then just surviving the first weeks. We thank her so much for that!

Dr. Rose K, MD - Redmond 2019
Nicole W & Luus - The Netherlands 2016
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