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  Postpartum Doula: mother & baby care at home 

 Maternity care aims at the physical and mental recovery of the new mother and the integration of the new baby in the family.

As a postpartum doula I support and pamper your family in your home for few hours a day, couple of days a week.  


While you recover from birth, I will take care of you and your household. While learning about infant care, you and your partner can enjoy your baby, while gaining confidence in parenting.

Help and guidance concerning (but not limited to): 


  • feeding (breast or bottle)

  • baby care (diapers, cloths, bathing, basic medical knowledge)

  • sleep info and comforting techniques

  • when to worry

  • home safety, hygiene and nutrition

  • baby massage

  • interpret cries (Dunstan baby language)

  • baby reflexology

  • baby carrying and wearing

Furthermore I will assist in your daily cleaning of kitchen, bathroom and laundry plus I will provide lunch for mom. Operating in the background is important to me, as your rest and privacy is valued. 


Bringing home a newborn, especially when you are a first-time parent, is a life-changing, exciting, and sometimes scary time in your life. There is so much to learn and discover, about your baby, but also about your role as a father, mother, or caregiver. 


Where I am from, The Netherlands, women do not go through the first weeks with the baby alone. A caregiver/baby nurse will come to your home for the first 10 days after birth to teach you how to take care of your newborn.  She will care for mom, baby and the household. This same service is now available to new mothers in Central Oregon through Baby Wellness Bend.  I will not just teach you about babies in general but we will look at your baby in your situation. I’ll help you get to know your little one, help you interpret some behaviors, needs, and cries.  I assist with breastfeeding, support giving baby's first bath, and answer questions about sleep, or feeding issues. Every family is different, and so are their parenting styles and beliefs. I respect your choices.  At all times are you the expert of your own child.


Some parents prefer for me to visit when their baby is a few weeks old, and come teach them about baby language (interpreting cries) or how to calm your baby, or its tummy, with baby massage and baby reflexology. For more info about the benefits of these, see the links above.


You decide the kind of support you like, and we customize your care together. 


My goal is, that when I leave your home, you feel confident in your role as a parent.


It is important to know that I will not give medical advice or steer you towards a certain preference in parenting style. I provide support and guidance, and I can give you evidence-based information about newborns and safe-practice so you are able to make informed decisions. I can help you find the right information and medical providers fitting your family.


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Every new mothers favorite gift:

Imagine having a stress free time with your new born baby, while you gradually grow into your new role as mommy. 

Yes, diaper cakes and baby registries are fun, but why not ask your family and friends for a post partum doula?!


Do you have a daughter, friend or colleague in Central Oregon and you would love to send an amazing gift, consider sending her a post partum doula, who takes care of her and teaches her all she needs to know. 


Please contact Baby Wellness Bend and we make it happen!


You can also choose to ask your friends and family for a postpartum doula using, and create a fund for my services. 




communication and online support is possible through WhatsApp

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