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Infant massage Bend Oregon
Infant Massage Class for Parents: Healing, Heartwarming and Informative
5 weeks of Fun!

Over the course of five weeks, you will learn the skill of infant massage, explore new knowledge and share experiences with other parents and their babies. 


Weekly classes of 60 – 90 minutes are conducted in small groups at various venues in the Bend-Redmond-Sunriver areas. Parents with babies from birth to a year are welcome.


Time spent with Baby Wellness Bend is relaxed and hands-on. No prior experience with massage is required as each massage stroke will be taught individually. The massage will instill trust and positive touch associations for your baby.


Only you, as the parent or caregiver, will massage your baby.

Infant massage Bend Oregon
Why Infant Massage? 

These classes are a warm, relaxed, welcoming moment of the week. Many of my students are sad when the 5 weeks are over and continue to see each other. Please bring your little one and come see for yourself. 

For next class: 

This 5-week program is set up by Infant Massage USA (International Association of Infant Massage) 

what to bring?
  • 1 large towel

  • 1 smal towel

  • diapers

  • baby

Benefits for baby:

Interaction promotes bonding, pre-language communication skills and secure attachment. Engages all the senses and leads to feelings of respect and value.


Stimulation of circulatory, digestive, hormonal, immune, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory and vestibular (coordination and balance) systems. Improves learning ability, language development, sensory integration, muscular development & tone and mind/body awareness.


Relief of gas and colic, constipation and elimination, teething discomfort, excess mucus, touch sensitivity, muscular, physical and psychological tension.


Relaxation improves sleep patterns, the ability to calm oneself (self-regulate) and increases overall flexibility. Regular massage also reduces stress levels, hypersensitivity and hyperactivity.


 Benefits for the parents: 

Improves understanding of your baby, by learning to read and respect behavioral cues. Decreases postnatal depression and stimulates lactation. Promotes bonding and secure attachment. Creates the opportunity for quality time together and early involvement for Dad. Reduces stress hormones and increases relaxation hormones (oxytocin and prolactin). 

Infant massage increases the parents sensitivity to their baby's cues

Empathy & Expertise

I took Marjon's Infant Massage Class this winter with my 3-month-old, and we both loved it! She was warm, compassionate, and incredibly knowledgeable. As a first-time mom, I felt so supported by both her empathy and expertise. Highly recommend!

Jennifer McC & Cormac  Bend 2019

Great Atmosphere

This was so awesome, loved every bid of it. I’ve learned so much, not just about massage but also many baby related topics. My daughter definitely responded to my massage techniques and she now knows when a massage is coming. She relaxed from it and it made her feel better when she was sick and constipated. Marjon was personal and created a great atmosphere. I loved that the group got to know each other better over time and I wish we could go on many more weeks. 


Susan R & Merel - The Netherlands 2013

Calm & Welcoming

I took the infant massage class with my newborn daughter and we both absolutely loved our experience! Marjon has such a calm, welcoming energy she would make anyone feel comfortable. This class is a great bonding experience for mother and baby while also being provided knowledgeable information in a mellow social setting. I would recommend this class or any class/service provided by Marjon!

Shaylynn M & Eveline - Bend 2018
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