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Infant massage class

During COVID 19 Interactive Group ZOOM Class

Bring your friends and we can schedule an online 5 day course! 

Please bring a small towel, large towel, and diapers.



Breastfeeding class

During COVID-19

Interactive Virtual Private Breastfeeding classes via ZOOM

2 .5 hour class, custom made to your needs




Dunstan baby language class

Interactive 2 hour class

2 day class

Price per person

Great class for Dads

$ 50.00

Baby reflexology class

Interactive 3 day class



Please bring a large towel, and baby!



Newborn Care Class

Interactive Virtual 2-day class

2 hours per day

This class will prepare you for taking care of a new baby. The first night focuses on what to expect the first days after birth, the second night is more hands-on baby care practice. It is an informative, fast-paced, and practical evening. 


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During COVID-19 will all classes be given through ZOOM. These classes are at your own pace, personal and interactive.