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Breastfeeding Classes  -  Hourly Support  -  Lactation & Postpartum Care


I think my strength lies in combining certified lactation support with my postpartum care. Those first weeks are important and can be challenging.   

Together we take it day by day, step by step. 

As a Certified Lactation Counselor and Educator, I have helped many parents and babies overcome initial hurdles and become champions in breastfeeding.  

  • milk supply issues
  • nipple care
  • how to know if baby gets enough milk
  • how often to feed
  • evidence-based information
  • when breastfeeding hurts
  • how to handle engorgement
  • preventing blocked ducts
  • pumps and pumping
  • leaps and changes

 Lactation support at home


Plans change

....and that is OK

Sometimes, for many different reasons plans change. It can be a personal choice not to continue breastfeeding, or you grieve the fact that it didn't go as you hoped. 

While I am confident that I can help you succeed in a million ways, sometimes breastfeeding just doesn't work. There may be reasons that make it difficult. Sometimes the logistics of what it takes to breastfeed make it just no longer sustainable.


While I am quick to refer out to the IBCLC's in our area, even with good support plans might change.

I will support you throughout this whole time and help you make informed choices for yourself and your family. 


Marjon, you are wonderful! Trying to get to grips with breastfeeding, Marjon listened to my worries, answered my seemingly endless questions about what was ‘normal’ and encouraged me when I needed it.  She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable but also very personable. Thank you so much for all your support during my first few weeks of motherhood – I really appreciate it. I highly recommend Marjon as a lactation specialist for any breastfeeding mums and the earlier you can meet her, the better.

 Liz Search & Lilly -  Hong Kong 2013


Marjon is amazing! I was given this amazing gift at my baby shower. I didn’t really even know what to Doula did or was but I was so happy that I had of her as my postpartum Doula. I had such a hard time breastfeeding my daughter and I was almost ready to give up and switch to formula she helped me learn how to breast feed my daughter, I felt so much relief  when I could feed her without pain with Marjon’s help.  It was also nice not to have to worry about doing day-to-day tasks and just to take care of my baby and rest as much as I could. The first week I brought my daughter home was exciting and stressful all at the same time marjon offered so much love and support at such a vulnerable time in my life. I also took her infant massage class which was very informative and super fun!

Dannie G &  Hadley  - Bend 2019


Somehow I find the 2nd child to be more challenging, perhaps I thought it would be easier as I've "been there done that". 

I'm so glad to have gotten in touch with Marjon. Her guidance and positive attitude really help me stick on with it and persevere. I probably would've ended up in depression if not for her chats and her consultations.

 :) Thank you for being there for me.

Sabrina  & Aveneer - Hongkong 2013
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