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Hi! I am Marjon Murphy, the owner and founder of Baby Wellness Bend

I am as passionate about postpartum care as can be!

I have served many new families in Central Oregon and helped them transition gently into parenthood. Over the last ten years, I have worked in the newborn field in America, Hongkong, and The Netherlands. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and Educator, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. I am also certified to teach baby reflexology and Dunstan Baby Language. My whole focus is on counseling and educating parents with new babies. 

During my work in different countries, I have learned that the need for postpartum care is universal and a lot more important than often assumed. This includes the need for skilled lactation support. 

I started my birth career in 2011 in Hongkong where I worked with a center for pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. During my time in The Netherlands in 2015, I was lucky to teach and follow along with the lactation consultants and newborn caregivers (Kraamverzorgenden) who take care of every family with a newborn in this country for ten days after birth. This curriculum I wrapped in my postpartum care service for parents and babies here in Bend and surrounding cities since 2017. Supporting my clients throughout labor and delivery makes that I am able to follow them throughout their whole journey. 

I am originally an elementary teacher from The Netherlands (hence the name MarYon), but once my boys were born in a hospital in Tennessee I learned that being prepared for parenthood takes a lot more than reading many books. 

I am passionate about my work and everything Bend has to offer. My two boys and dog keep me active and I love hiking, kayaking and camping with them. Nights out with my friends and an opportunity to travel abroad will never be turned down either! I believe in the power of touch, self-healing, and nutrition. 

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions. 

Marjon CPD, CLE, CLC

Author of The Next Level Postpartum Doula


This website uses the words mothers, parents, and couples over "caretaker". Just know these words address also single moms, grandparents, adopting dads or whoever raises baby. 


Meet Kaija

Kaija has joined Baby Wellness Bend in 2021 and I am thrilled to have her support. Kaija will also be serving our postpartum doula clients. 

Kaija earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from San Diego State University in 2015. Throughout her college career, she served populations working through trauma-- survivors of violence and assault, asylum seekers and refugees. Before moving into the perinatal sphere, she worked at Girl Scouts San Diego as an Evaluation Specialist, Camp Counselor & Outreach Program Leader, all while moonlighting as a nanny for families in San Diego county.


While nannying she always found a way to support the whole family, building close relationships with the moms in particular. She started working for One Moon Doula as an Administrative Assistant in 2018 and was inspired to complete the training and become a Doula herself after seeing firsthand what an impact postpartum support can have on a family’s physical, emotional & mental wellbeing. She became a certified Postpartum Doula in 2019.


Her favorite part of this work is the diversity of need-- no two birth or postpartum experiences are alike-- so the Doula support provided is ever-changing and specific to the family being served.

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Breastfeeding Support

Somehow I find the 2nd child to be more challenging, perhaps I thought it would be easier as I've "been there done that". 

I'm so glad to have gotten in touch with Marjon. Her guidance and positive attitude really help me stick on with it and persevere. I probably would've ended up in depression if not for her chats and her consultations.

 :) Thank you for being there for me.


Sabrina & Aveer Hong Kong 2013

Postpartum Doula Care

Being first-time mum is just as exciting as it is challenging. When we got home from the hospital with our newborn baby boy, he cried all night long. I had absolutely no clue what to do and felt completely useless. I panicked. I wanted to go back to the hospital thinking there was something wrong with him. And then I thought of Marjon. I had met her during my birth preparing classes. She responded in the middle of the night saying she will drop by first thing in the morning. I didn't sleep that night. Marjon came as promised and firstly helped me to deal with my anxiety and fear. Taking care of a newborn has as much to do with knowledge as it has to do with confidence. I remember Marjon's reassuring face while i struggled throughout the first days looking after our son. She helped me with everything from breast feeding through diaper change and bathing  to finding my way to the pediatrician for the first check up. A lot of new mums think that they would get the best guidance from their mothers but hiring a professional postnatal doula is the best favor you would do yourself in those first post birth days. Marjon has the amazing personality required for this line of work. She is calm, relaxed, knowledgeable, has a positive attitude and is always there for you. If I have a second child, despite my gained experience, i'd still seek Marjon's guidance. 


 Zdravka & Chris Newman - Hong Kong 2013

 Infant Massage Class 

I loved to learn to massage my baby and spend time with him in a relaxing and supportive environment. I learned a lot and there was room for our own experiences. Marjon is a nice and warm person who makes you feel at ease. Every new mother and father should take this class to bond with their baby. It really helps!


Iris Hulsken & Reynier Netherlands 2016 

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