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Baby Wellness Bend was created by Marjon Murphy. For the last ten years, Marjon has educated herself in the newborn field in America, Hongkong, and The Netherlands. Marjon is a Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC -CBI), a Bastyr University trained Lactation Educator, Postpartum Doula (CPD-CBI), Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM), and teaches classes in Baby Reflexology and Dunstan Baby Language. Marjon focusses on counseling and educating parents with young babies. 

In Hong Kong, she worked among experienced birth professionals and gave classes for A Mothers Touch, a center for pregnancy, birth and newborn care. In The Netherlands, she was lucky to teach classes and to follow along lactation consultants and baby nurses who, in this country, take care of every mother and newborn at the family’s home for the first ten days after birth. This beautiful service she likes to provide for moms and babies here in Bend and surrounding cities. She is a volunteer for St. Charles at the breastfeeding support group. 


Marjon is originally an elementary teacher from the Netherlands, but once her boys were born in a hospital in Tennessee, she learned that being prepared for parenting takes much more than reading many books. Now she finds it important that parents can make informed choices, in a world new to them, where lots of practices are presumed, without even knowing why or given alternatives. 


I am truly passionate about my work and love to get involved in everything Bend has to offer. My two young boys keep me active and I enjoy the outdoors and camping with them. Nights out with my friends and opportunities to travel abroad will never be turned down either! I believe in the power of touch, self-healing, and nutrition” Marjon



(p.s: This website uses the words "mother", "couples" and "parents" as it reads more pleasant than "caregiver",  just know   these words address also single moms, grandparents, adopting dads or whoever raises the baby)


postpartum doula testimonial

It was so helpful to have someone with expertise in postpartum care at the house during such a stressful time. Marjon made the adjustment so much easier and offered so many helpful suggestions. I highly recommend hiring her, especially if you are a first time mom.

Annemieke Austin  MD - Bend 2018

Postpartum doula testimonial

We were very happy to have Marjon's support and knowledge soon after we brought our first baby home. She was able to come very last minute, when we realized we really needed some help that night. She came always prepared and has a great deal of knowledge to help you learn the basics of baby care. She also helped with housework, prepared meals and answered all of our questions. We highly recommend investing in this type of service, especially as a first time parent.

Mike and Leticia W - Bend 2018

Breastfeeding testimonial

Marjon, you are wonderful! Trying to get  to grips with breastfeeding, Marjon listened to my worries, answered my seemingly endless questions about what was ‘normal’ and encouraged me when I needed it.  She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable but also very personable. Thank you so much for all your support during my first few weeks of motherhood – I really appreciate it. I highly recommend Marjon as a lactation specialist for any breastfeeding mums and the earlier you can meet her, the better.


- Liz Search & Lilly -  Hong Kong 2013

This was so awesome, loved every bid of it. I’ve learned so much, not just about massage but also many baby related topics. My daughter definitely responded to my massage techniques and she now knows when a massage is coming. She relaxed from it and it made her feel better when she was sick and constipated. Marjon was personal and created a great atmosphere. I loved that the group got to know each other better over time and I wish we could go on many more weeks. 


- Suzanne Rademaker and Merel, Netherlands 2016

Post Partum Doula testimonial

  - Nicolien Wiltink and Luus

The Netherlands 2016

The birth and first week of our daughter Luus was pleasant and easy. I was happy with your care. Luus was my second baby and I very much missed this support with my first child. I think you are a professional woman with lots off knowledge about breastfeeding and baby care. You have a pleasant and clear way of way of communicating and carrying yourself, that matched our family dynamics wonderfully. You share your expertise in a way that is understandable and clear. I especially valued your great tips about baby language and baby massage during the second week.  My husband and I still talk often about the tips you left us with. Because of you we could enjoy our daughter, rather then just surviving the first weeks. Thank you so much for that!


Infant massage class testimonial
Breastfeeding testimonial

Somehow I find the 2nd child to be more challenging, perhaps I thought it would be easier as I've "been there done that". 

I'm so glad to have gotten in touch with Marjon. Her guidance and positive attitude really help me stick on with it and persevere. I probably would've ended up in depression if not for her chats and her consultations.

 :) Thank you for being there for me.


 Infant massage class testimonial

I loved to learn to massage my baby and spend time with him in a relaxing and supportive environment. I learned a lot and there was room for our own experiences. Marjon is a nice and warm person who makes you feel at ease. Every new mother and father should take this class to bond with their baby. It really helps!


- Iris Hulsken and Reynier Netherlands 2016 

Post Partum doula testimonial

Being first time mum is just as exciting as it is challenging. During my pregnancy I prepared thoroughly for the birth process thinking that it is the final sprint of a long 9 months run forgetting completely to acknowledge that it was only the beginning of a lifetime marathon. When we got home from the hospital with our newborn baby boy, he cried all night long. I had absolutely no clue what to do and felt completely useless. I panicked. I wanted to go back to the hospital thinking there was something wrong with him. And then I thought of Marjon. I had met her during my birth preparing classes. She responded in the middle of the night saying she will drop by first thing in the morning. I didn't sleep that night. Marjon came as promised and firstly helped me to deal with my anxiety and fear. Taking care of a newborn has as much to do with knowledge as it has to do with confidence. I remember Marjon's reassuring face while I struggled throughout the first days looking after our son. She helped me with everything from breastfeeding through a diaper change and bathing to finding my way to the pediatrician for the first check-up. A lot of new mums think that they would get the best guidance from their mothers but hiring a professional postnatal doula is the best favor you would do yourself in those first post birth days. Marjon has the amazing personality required for this line of work. She is calm, relaxed, knowledgeable, has a positive attitude and is always there for you. If I have a second child, despite my gained experience, I'd still seek Marjon's guidance. 


  Zdravka & Chris Newman - Hong Kong 2013

Sabrina & Aveer Hong Kong 2013