Baby Wellness Bend was created by Marjon Murphy. For the last ten years, Marjon has educated herself in the newborn field in America, Hongkong, and The Netherlands. Marjon is a Breastfeeding Counselor (CBC -CBI), a Bastyr University trained Lactation Educator (CLE), Postpartum Doula (CPD-CBI), Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM), and teaches classes in Baby Reflexology and Dunstan Baby Language. Marjon focuses on counseling and educating parents with young babies. 

In Hong Kong, she worked among experienced birth professionals and gave classes for A Mothers Touch, a center for pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. In The Netherlands, she was lucky to teach classes and to follow along with lactation consultants and postpartum care providers who, in this country, take care of every mother and newborn at the family’s home for the first ten days after birth. This beautiful service she likes to provide for moms and babies here in Bend and surrounding cities. She is a volunteer at  St. Charles hospitals' NICU at the breastfeeding support group. 


Marjon is originally an elementary teacher from the Netherlands, but once her boys were born in a hospital in Tennessee, she learned that being prepared for parenting takes much more than reading many books. Now she finds it important that parents can make informed choices, in a world new to them, where lots of practices are presumed, without even knowing why or given alternatives. 


I am truly passionate about my work and love to get involved in everything Bend has to offer. My two young boys keep me active and I enjoy the outdoors and camping with them. Nights out with my friends and opportunities to travel abroad will never be turned down either! I believe in the power of touch, self-healing, and nutrition” Marjon



(p.s: This website uses the words "mother", "couples" and "parents" as it reads more pleasant than "caregiver",  just know   these words address also single moms, grandparents, adopting dads or whoever raises the baby)


communication and online support is possible through WhatsApp

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