Baby reflexology: Parents learn to give reflexology in this 3 x 1.5 hour class

Baby reflexology

Beginning with the assumption that the human body is reflected in the feet, this foot reflex massage class is a gentle form of reflexology, given to baby’s between 4 months and 3 years of age. It can aid in baby’s bowel movement, can help them relax or give relief to sinus issues.  Their bodies being more sensitive, babies and young children benefit more than adults from a foot reflex massage, making even the softest of touches very efficient within minutes.

Babyreflexologie course for parents of baby’s and toddlers


Learn how to give reflexology to your baby in this 3-week course.  

Baby reflexology is a fun, natural way to heal your baby and establish a loving bond. It provides all benefits of a non-invasive and medicine-free therapy. The techniques are used to strengthening the immune system, give relief to cramps, gas, reflux, constipation, tummy ache, and childhood pains like earaches and teething discomfort. This gentle massage, given with fingertips and pressure of the tump, is specially created for parents to give to their own children. Parents can adapt the massage according to their child’s needs. 










During the workshop you practice on your own child or on plastic dummy feet. It’s a hands-on class, full of practical information. No experience is required.


It is a fabulous addition to add to our 5 week infant massage class!!


Baby’s love to be touched by their feet. Imagine giving this relaxing treatment, that takes just a few minutes, whether at home or out and about. Studies have shown that young children react remarkably fast to reflexology.

The course is a  3 week, 1.5 hour afternoon class.

Parents learn simple reflexology techniques which they apply and practice on their own child.

Every week has a theme:

Week 1:  intro to baby reflexology & digestive tract (cramps and gas)

Week 2:  sleep and relaxation

Week 3:  wellbeing (ears, sinuses and immune system) 

what to bring?
Touch is a powerful tool for healing and bonding. 

Reflexology might benefit

constipation - cramps - hard stools - gassiness - better absorption of nutrients - asthma - nose colds - falling asleep - sleeping longer - skin issues - ear ache - teething discomfort - bonding

communication and online support is possible through WhatsApp

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