Dunstan Baby language class : interpret your baby's cries

Dunstan Baby Language

Dustan baby-language teaches you to recognize five sounds and cries, so you no longer need to guess what babies are trying to communicate. You can effectively respond to your baby's needs. This program is based on the fact that babies all over the world make the same sounds and cries for the first few month of their lifes.

These sounds come forth out of reflexes.

Parents can recognize whether baby is:

         * hungry

         * sleepy

         * gassy

         * needs to burb

         * is uncomfortable

and respond quicker end more effective to calm their baby 

DBL classes are suitable for expectant parents, those with a newborn, or anyone who works with young infants.

During this 2 week class you can learn to recognize these different "words". Parents all over the world are thrilled when they feel this “Eureka moment” after they hear the specific sounds from their baby. They can respond quicker and more effective to their child’s needs.


Research, different organizations, and parents conclude: "It works!".   90% would recommend this class to another parent. 

(In the Netherlands this program is a huge succes. The baby nurses their (mentioned earlier on this site) practice Dunstan baby language. Their services are payed by all insurance compagnies.)




Parents who used the Baby Language System report a significant reduction in parenting stress!!

Great class for Dads!!!


Men love the fact that they can recognize these straightforward sounds as well or better than mom, and no “motherly intuition” is needed. 


Moms love the fact that Dads are rockstars after taking this class. 

Named after Australian based Priscilla Dunstan, this program and has helped parents worldwide.

Come see and listen for yourself

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It changed how I understood my baby

What a difference this class made

Before taking this class I just assumed, as a first time mother, my baby was hungry whenever she cried and I put her on my breast. Through this class I learned to look and listen at my baby in a different way. I felt so much more confident when I understood wether she was tired, and just wanted to be put to bed, or when she needed to be held or changed. It established more peace in our household and not only did we get more rest, my daughter got better nursing sessions and my milk supply regulated. What a fantastic discovery the Dunstan program was for me and my family.

Emily B.

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