During COVID-19 visits can be in person but classes will be virtual.
We can do more this way than you might think.
Please contact me below about the details. 

 baby classes and postpartum doula support for parents of infants 


Baby Wellness Bend provides a wide array of services, from in-home postpartum doula support during baby’s first weeks, breastfeeding support, as well as organizing monthly pre- and postnatal classes.  


Welcoming a new baby to the family is a life-changing experience. A time full of joy, insecurities, recovery, and sleeplessness. Whether or not you are new to Central Oregon, not everyone has access to a supportive network, so please consider us just that. We are here to make sure you become confident in parenting, learn about your baby and meet other parents.


Our classes are educational, heartwarming, and fun! 


Packages are available as a wonderful baby shower gift for your pregnant family member or friend in the Bend area.


Please contact us, we will be welcoming you with open arms!



 new born care classes

infant massage


breastfeeding classes

baby reflexology classes

Dunstan baby language classes

classes & events
classes and event
in home support after birth
postpartum doula
breastfeeding support
breast feeding
infant massage
infant massage
baby language
baby language
baby reflexology for parents
baby reflexology
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"With the birth of a baby a mother is born"

- Rajneesh.

communication and online support is possible through WhatsApp

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