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Marjon Murphy

 Postpartum Doula - Certified Lactation Counselor - New Parent Educator

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Baby Wellness Bend postpartum doula birth doula

 Postpartum In-Home Support and Education for Parents with Infants 

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What do we do?

We provide personalized care!

You can read all the books in the world but nothing fully prepares you for THIS baby in YOUR family.


When you get a chance to rest after birth and someone takes care of you who can answer all the questions you have about your baby, you set yourself up to have an enjoyable maternity time. 



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First-time mom of twins.

"Having someone helping you is the best gift you can give yourself"

Baby Wellness Bend provides a wide array of services, from birth & labor support, in-home postpartum doula care, lactation counseling, and perinatal classes.  

Welcoming a new baby to the family is a life-changing experience. A time full of joy, insecurities, recovery, and sleeplessness. Whether you are new to Central Oregon or not, not everyone has access to a supportive network, so please consider us just that. 


Our classes are educational, heartwarming, and fun! 

Packages are available as a wonderful baby shower gift for your pregnant family member or friend in the Bend area.


Please contact us, we will be welcoming you with open arms!



During COVID-19 visits can be in person. Classes can be private or virtual.
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Aubre - First-time parent

Marni - Second-time parent


"She knew exactly what I needed and I felt completely comfortable around her"

"Knowing that Marjon was taking care of me, I think made my husband feel more at ease"

postpartum support

“Marjon is like a real-life Mary Poppins. She just appears and does everything you need! I found out about Baby Wellness Bend during a chiropractic appointment. One of my good friends used her with her baby as well, and I knew that I would need support after our baby was born. This was my second pregnancy (my first in Bend) and we don’t have any family here.

Within 15 minutes of being around Marjon and expressing my needs, questions, and concerns, she just instinctively knew exactly what I needed. Right away, she felt like an older sister who was there to take care of me.

Our baby ended up with tongue tie and she was a great advocate and resource for breastfeeding. She didn’t ever tell me what to do, but she drew out what my natural instinct was. I know that with her practical help and emotional support, I was able to avoid going into postpartum depression this time around.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Marjon as a postpartum doula and I’m so grateful for her services! I can’t wait to take one of her baby classes as soon as we’re able.”

Jenny R & Emmeline  - Bend 2020

birth support

Marjon was not only present and my rock during my home birth for my second baby but the days following she continued to work hard for us tirelessly. Delish meals, laundry done including stain removal as well as graciously holding the baby while I napped for 2 hours. An absolute dream. I’d refer her to anyone. .

Susan N & Chloe - Bend 2019

breastfeeding support

 I felt like I was riding a hormonal and emotional roller coaster. Marjon was amazing. In the middle of the night, she came to the NICU to be with me.  Breastfeeding was hard as I had to supplement and triple feed my baby at first, but with her help, we got it.

I'm definitely a hands-on learner. I wanted to know the information and the facts, and then I wanted Marjon to show me exactly how to do everything; how to change the diapers, wrap the baby, and give him a bath properly. Honestly, the best part was when I was able to sleep in, eat food and take a shower. Her being there after all the craziness so I could take a break was just heaven. And, she checked in with my boyfriend. If he didn't understand what was going on, she would take the time to explain it to him. She broke the ice with him so fast and so well. Marjon absolutely went above and beyond our expectations of what a postpartum doula does.

Christina B & Lincoln - Redmond 2019

"With the birth of a baby a mother is born"

- Rajneesh.